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 Hunter is finnally here

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: Hunter is finnally here   Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:51 pm

-The camera pans in on the arena where the fans are cheering wildly with people holding up signs saying Hunter Death is here!, Hunter Death=Legendary, etc. The camera sweeps the crowd as it pans soon on the commentators table.-

Jordan Matthewson: Well the last match was a BLAST! Am I right James?

James Wilson: Indeed you are Jordan. The next match we'll be having Portuguese Demon go against the newcomer looking for a fight, Hunter Death.

Jordan Matthewson: But why would a rookie go against the champion for the belt? THIS EARLY?

James Wilson: It's stupid! I'm surprised the kid has any guts. So let's get rolling and lets see what happe-James is cut off by everything going out, where Hunter Death's logo appears on the titantron. And Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean plays, where all the lights are now red, as 2 blue lights go towards the entrance as a man looking like this comes out : -

James Wilson: Who's THIS? Is this HUNTER DEATH?

Jordan Matthewson: I think it is!

- The man walks to the ring raising his hands up like a gun and firing at the crowd, soon he walks into the ring, as all the lights focus on him now, where the lights become normal. The man walks to the edge of the ropes and smiles as he gets a mic. -

???: WHOOOWEE! Hello, SWS!

- The crowd cheers, as the man turns and laughs a bit, as he speaks again -

???: I think I should introduce myself! I'm, The Country Boy Hunter Death! I'm from West Virginia and I'm happy to be here! Wow.. Alot of people, I'm good with it.

- The crowd chants Hunter Death multiple times. -

Hunter Death: Well, I got from the GM, that I'm going against Portuguese Demon! For his championship, I might win, actually the chances of him winning are only 36.80%. And me 63.20%. So, since it's about right now lets get the ref out here and start this!

- Hunter takes off his hat and his shirt, where he throws them out the ring and prepares for the match of his which is right now. -
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Hunter is finnally here
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