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 Rolling in style

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PostSubject: Rolling in style   Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:22 am

The gold flecked gold Limo rolls up riding low to parking lot Shoot Wrestling studio. Cash's cell phone rings.

Ca$h: WHAT UP GM, Yeah he's in limo with me. I know I know we were great last week especially me, dropping domes with diamond trimmed .....Yeah boss man I'll put you on speaker, hold up.

GM Phil Barnabush : Guys great up set last week, teaming up as punishment turned into a ratings blessings. The marketing department can't keep Big Booty Daddies merchandise in stock. It's been flying off shelf. Cash Money and Rikishi. THIS Pay perview SWS World Tag Team Championship
Cash Money Hustler + Rikishi VS Ivan Borovsky + Vadim Borovsky . Cash you finally get you chance to as you say " JACK THE GOLD FROM THEM RUSSIANS"

Rikishi: You should give me top billing. Rikishi and Cash, since I am greatest big man on roster.

Cash: YEAH BABY, Finally (BEEP) I been wanting to knock the taste out their non annunciating commie fools. Probably make on of their lame assed promos in some crap hole dive bar drinking bottom shelf Vodka. Spitting while talk all over bar, pissing off the bartender and (BEEP) like that.

Rikishi and Cash have good laugh at their opponents lame predictability.

Cash gets a light bulb and tells his driver to roll up to Merv's thrift shop.

Rikishi: What we doing at junk store?

Cash looks around  rummaging through a display of wigs and old hats. With snap he snatches up two funny fuzzy hats. He puts his and on Rikishi's head.Cash:Ushanka,Shapka or a Chapka or CaCa whatever they call em. Look we're Black Russians.

Rikishi: This is dumb, what hell animal are these any way?

Cash: Dunno, maybe dog? Takes hat off and flexes hat like a hand puppet making it bark and growl at Rikishi.

Rikishi: Get hell out my face with that dusty ass thing.
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Rolling in style
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