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 Bar fight

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Ivan Borovsky
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Bar fight   Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:31 pm

** The scene is a classic bar. The music's loud and there's a dance floor with a karaoke stand not in use. Few are using the dance floor because they've gathered to watch a friendly dart competition between Ivan and Vadim, the Borovsky Brothers. The camera pans to them. They are side by side aiming darts precisely at the boards. There are two dart boards, and each of them have pictures of people on them. On Vadim's, Rikishi's head hangs. On Ivan's, Cash Money Hustler's photo is posted. **

Ivan Borovsky: Already got both eye of stupid Cash Hustle. You need on my level or GET WRECK.

Vadim Borovsky: You more practice with dart. I more practice with getting lady!

** The growing crowd backs him up with a cheer for his witty retort. They are beginning to wobble around from being completely drunk. **

Ivan Borovsky: You no stand up straight. How you throw dart when can't stand?

Vadim Borovsky: I know perfect solution. More beer. Not puny English beer. Get round of Russia finest for all!

** The bar rejoices and cheers at their generous proposal. **

Ivan Borovsky: OK, whoever get the mouth get 15 point. How you say to that?

Vadim Borovsky: Sound like good.

** They both throw at the same time. Vadim hits the ear and Ivan completely misses the dart board instead hitting the wall behind it. **

Vadim Borovsky: I closer. Get 15 point.

Ivan Borovsky: NO! NO! We do again.

** The bartender walks over with a huge tray of drinks and sets it on a nearby table. He peeks his head over the crowd to see what is happening. **

Bartender: We can't allow you to hang pictures on the dart board. It promotes violence. We don't like to create that type of atmosphere. Would you mind-

Ivan Borovsky: IDIOT!

Vadim Borovsky: You know who the people hang on dart are? They puny ENGLISH just like you. Come from land of PUNY. They deserve on dart board. We gonna crush at Home by Sea the second. You know them?

Bartender: I don't know them, and quite frankly it doesn't matter who they are. Policy is policy. If you refuse to take the pictures down you are going to be ejected from the bar.

** They drop the darts and tower over him. **

Vadim Borovsky: What you say to us?

Ivan Borovsky: We leave when bar close. You no tell us get out. You puny little guy not boss us around. Get over to little bar and make more drink, English boy.

Bartender: I'm not going to be bullied by two Russian jocks. You can take the pictures down or deal with the consequences.

** He points over to a large African-American man with his arms crossed wearing a leather jacket and an angry expression. **
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Vadim Borovsky

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PostSubject: Re: Bar fight   Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:56 pm

Vadim Borovsky: You no scare us. Go back to bar!

** Vadim pushes the bartender by the shoulders to get him to leave. The African-American bouncer gets off the wall and is now standing. **

Bartender: I'm sorry; however, I must ask you to leave this instance. There shall not be violence in this bar of mine. That was the last warning. You will not have another chance. Get out or I will force you out.

Ivan Borovsky: SHUT UP! I said we leave when bar close. You no tell us get out. We tell us get out.

** The Bartender sighs and signals the bouncer to come over. The bouncer walks over to Vadim and knocks him out cold with a baton. Ivan looks over at his bleeding brother on the ground and is now infuriated. Ivan picks up the bartender as if he was a piece of twig with his right hand, and begins to  brandish it towards the Bouncer. The two heads, the bartender's and the bouncer's, collide, knocking the bartender unconscious; however, the bouncer still standing. Ivan drops the unconscious human onto the ground. **

Bouncer: What do you think you are doing! You think you can just knock out my boss like that? I'm not happy. I will squash your brain on concrete until you pay for what you have done. My job is to keep everyone here safe and kick out troublemakers. Having the bartender knocked out means I failed my job. I will not have you ruin my work career!

Ivan Borovsky: You knock brother out! You pay! I stab dart in your mouth, 15 points for Ivan!

** Ivan Borovsky picks up a nearby dart on the floor and throws it at the bouncer. It goes bullseye into his mouth, blood gushing out from the lips. The bouncer screams as he writhe in pain on the ground. Ivan grabbed a bottle of whiskey from behind the bar and splashes it on Vadim. **

Vadim Borovsky: AHH! UGH! Stink! What this liquid? Must be puny english wine. You wake me up with puny drink, Ivan. Very smart.

** Vadim gets up, one hand on the wall the other on his head. He staggers for a moment until he gets his balance with the help of Ivan. After a while, Vadim finally stabilizes. He grabs the empty bottle of whiskey and swings it at the bouncer on the ground. Vadim kneels down and beats the living crap out of the bouncer's face, until he doesn't even look human no more. In the meantime, Ivan goes over to the bartender, now half awake, and shakes him awake. The jolt knocks the bartender's conscious to surface. Ivan then throws him onto a table, breaking the table along with the spine of the bartender. Ivan begins to kick the bartender in the crotch area nonstop. **

Ivan Borovsky: You not boss no more. Borovsky brothers take control. You nothing!

** Ivan and Vadim stops the attack. The two stand adjacent to the victim. The brothers each pull out $300 from their pockets and drops it onto the bartender's and bouncer's stomach. **

Vadim Borovsky: We leave now not because you say.. This bar too puny stink of puny english. Get wreck use money to heal injury. puny bar too poor to afford bill. We pity we give charity.

** Ivan and Vadim leaves the scene. **
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Bar fight
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