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 Vegas isn't for everyone

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PostSubject: Vegas isn't for everyone   Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:19 pm

** Sharp dressed man hits and Vegas strolls down to the ring **

Vegas : Take a good look at me.  Drink me in.  Everyone assumes that they are ready for this.  Everyone assumes they can handle Vegas.  But Vegas isn't for everyone.  Some people think they are strong enough, but they aren't.  Others think they are fast enough, wrong again.  Still others assume they can outlast me, but Vegas never sleeps, never stops, never rests.  I am ready 24/7.  And just when you get comfortable, I'm get you.  Just when you think it is ok to put all of your money on the table, I get you.  I want you to feel comfortable because that is how I will destroy you.  Get ready fans.  I'm making my run towards the SWS ImmortalHD Championship.  I want that belt.  That belt deserves the luster that Vegas will bring to it.  Starting today, I'm beginning my march towards that title.  Anyone who gets in my way, will lose.  Eventually, Vegas always wins.  

** Vegas drops the mic and walks to the back **
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Vegas isn't for everyone
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