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 Building Up the Rage

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Rory O'Reilly

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PostSubject: Building Up the Rage   Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:58 pm

Dr. Locke: "Hurry! Hurry! He is too strong for me!!"
** Dr. Locke yells at two security guards as they rush into the private locker room of Rory O'Reilly. The security guards find O'Reilly ramming his head repeatedly into a locker door. The two guards struggle to pull him away, but are finally able to get him up against the far wall where Dr. Locke steps in front of O'Reilly. **
Dr. Locke: "Rory, you must contain yourself. You have a match coming up and I need you to contain that rage for your opponent. I cannot give you a sedative to calm you or we risk you forfeiting the match."
** Dr. Locke turns his attention to the security guards. **
Dr. Locke: "Thank you gentlemen. I think I can handle him now. Please do not go too far in case of another emergency. Please shut the door on the way out."
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Building Up the Rage
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