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 Someone coming? The gm says.

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PostSubject: Someone coming? The gm says.   Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:33 pm

- The camera fades in the gm office, where the gm is sitting on his chair and is typing on the laptop, where as the phone begins to ring and he answers -

GM Phil Barnabush: Hello? Yes! You're here? Okay, come to my office. Your at the locker rooms right? Okay, go to your left, and go through the hallway, the 3rd door on your right.. Alright. I'll see you in a few minutes.

Gm Phil Barnabush: Get out! We can't have cameras bothering me at all times! Now git!

- The camera man runs out the door and runs to a room. Now we can hear the doors opening and the camera man catches a hand shut the door, as he tries to open but he cant. So we listen to them. -

Gm Phil Barnabush: Ah! You're here! Now we can talk about your contract!

???: Yeah. Let's do this.

Gm Phil Barnabush: Okay, you will make your debut next week, at the pay per view Second Home by the Sea , Okay?

???: Yeah, that's good. An extra week to train.

Gm Phil Barnabush: Exactly! Now, here is your contract. Feel free to read it.

???: Okay....

-After a few minutes of reading, the man can be heard getting a pen, and signing the contract -

???: I've read, and I agree with the terms.. Should be good when I arrive..

Gm Phil Barnabush: Thank you for your time, I'll see you next week!

- They can be heard getting up, as we hear footsteps walking towards the door, as the door opens and hits the camera knocking out all video feed. The static fades out soon.. -
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Someone coming? The gm says.
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