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 Hunter Death promo 1

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: Hunter Death promo 1   Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:13 pm

- The camera pans on the arena where the two commentators are sitting as they greet the fans happily -

Jordan Matthewson: Hello everybody! And welcome back from the commercials!

James Wilson: Yeah! And today, we are gonna have a blast with the rest of the show!

Jordan Matthewson: Indeed we are! And next is- Jordan Matthewson get's cut off by the mics going out, with the lights along with them. Only a few seconds later the titantron begins to flicker lightly. -

- The titantron begins to go black, as a red light is shown on the tron, where a man appears, his body is black in the titantron as he is shown near a ring.. the song Galaxies & Stars by Doctor P ft CeCile plays softly, where as the man is picking up dozens of wrestlers and throwing them on the mat, and once the static music hits, the man begins to appear from different angles -

- Now, ending the song only half way, the name: The Country Boy Hunter Death appears in camoflage infront of a blood red background where as the H has a hat on it. Then after fading, coming next week appears. As the phrase: You shot the gun, you drag the kill. appears and the entire stadium once again goes black. and all the lights work once more. -

Jordan Matthewson: Who the? The Country Boy Hunter Death? He's coming next week? The day of the pay per view? What the...

James Wilson: Wow, whoever this guy is, he chose a very bad time to arrive...

- Jordan Matthewson nods as the camera fades -
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Hunter Death promo 1
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