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 New boy in town [ For Pay Per View ]

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Hunter Death
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PostSubject: New boy in town [ For Pay Per View ]   Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:45 pm

-The camera pans onto the parking lot down underneath the building, where a blue dodge charger appears by the entrance as it comes towards the camera and it stops, as the driver cannot be seen. The vehicle parks, as the driver get's out, as he has a camoflage hat, a camo jacket, jeans, and boots. The male sighs, as he looks around, and the commentators: James Wilson, and Jordan Matthewson begin to speak-

Jordan Matthewson: Well who's this?

James Wilson: I dont know, but whoever it is, best get out. Or else he'll get taken out by security..

- The man walks towards the door where 2 security guards are standing. -

Security Guard one: Oh! It's you, you've finnaly arrived, uhhhh... -Security Guard one pulls out a card that he reads.. and looks up - Hunter Death?

Hunter Death: Yes, I'm here...

Security Guard two: Okay! Come on in.

- The guards move aside as Hunter Death walks inside the door, as the commentators stutter. The camera follows the man, as he is walking towards the second entrance, where the general manager pops by and speaks to Hunter.-

GM Phil Barnabush: Ah! Hunter you are finnaly here! The promos we set up last week, were BRILLIANT! The fans are itching to see you!

Hunter Death: Ah, wonderful Phil! Well, better make my impact.

- Phil lets Hunter inside the building through the second door , as Phil smiles as the camera fades out -
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New boy in town [ For Pay Per View ]
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