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 trying to make forced tag team work

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PostSubject: trying to make forced tag team work   Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:16 pm

Rikishi is called to Cash Money Hustler lock room. Cash is sitting on his large gold Marti Gras throne. Peaches is rubbing Cash's shoulders as Frenchie reads stock reports to Cash. Thudding breaks this peaceful scene followed by pounding on door. Cash nods as Freak Baby rolls her eyes and answers the door.

Rikishi: WHAT DO WANT? Nice place looks like Barney's ass in here....

Cash: Look Rashassy, We both been given a shit sandwich by GM. The reality of it, your big ass and my OG ass stuck without a reach around. HOWEVER, as much as hate to admit this , you ain't half bad in ring. I am a Entrepreneaur, I know big word for that fat head of yours, so dumb it down. I make money, I make smart investments to yield big paydays.

Rikishi: I ain't interested in all that, I want squash .....

Cash: Yo, cool it. I get it. You rather fight and prove yo the baddest. I can dig it, however there nothing wrong with perks while do so. Keep cake hole quite and that attitude in check. I am trying to make us both benefit from this so hear me out and open your ears. One to be bigger man, I am going let the bill slide. Two neither of us had gold yet here at SWS and don't know bout you but I like to shut them Russians up and take them belts. You tried but failed. Why no direction. You're to head strong charging in to rub yo ass on people, need to use head first then use that big ass. Three as an incentive to play ball, I have three goodies. Cash dials cell phone Cash: send them in.

Two thin hot ladies come to the door scantily dress carrying a huge box.

Cash: Candy and Mandy, big man. When I started I had two ladies. Now I have stables of all sizes, likes, and fetishes. Candy and Mandy love a big brother, all night. Open da box.

Candy and Mandy hang all over Rikishi as he fumbles open the box.
Rikishi: What is it?

Cash: It's pin stripped suit. Pin strips are slimming, my personal tailor damn near used three rolls of imported silk make it and its a tear away so throw down to stink face. So put that on and welcome aboard to BIG BOOTY DADDIES.

Rikishi: I ain't wearing.....

Cash: Look chief, to be a success yo need to look like a success.Than and we's going to Momma Cash's Soul food for all you can eat to seal the deal. And yo think I am tough, You come up in there with yo ass hanging out she'd pull yo around by yo ear and nail yo ass to wall. Just as Freak Baby. Momma Cash don't play. I want not only yo as dig down with yes ma'am, no ma'am and all that shit. Besides free meal in her restaurant, she got best food and largest spread esp when I come to town.

Rikishi looking up and down Candy and Mandy and finally gets word in
Rikishi: I could eat.
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trying to make forced tag team work
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