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 Road Rage

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Ivan Borovsky
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NXT Star

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PostSubject: Road Rage   Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:17 pm

** The camera cuts to a dashboard view of Vadim Borovsky sitting in the passenger's seat trying to figure out how to use the camera. He looks agitated. **

Vadim Borovsky: Can't tell if piece of crap on or no. Puny English make worst camera. Is on?

Ivan Borovsky: I can't take eye off road, Vadim. Puny drivers in America no good. When we get red light I will check.

Vadim Borovsky: This is stupid idea too. Why we need a promo in the car anyway?

Ivan Borovsky: We're run late and won't get there in time to make promo. General of Manager told me to film promo in car on the way there and give footage when we arrive.

Vadim Borovsky: Stupid stupid idea. I can't get damn thing to work. Nothing in this stupid country work right. All made in Chinese sweat shop. Pathetic.

Ivan Borovsky: I know. Red light coming up.

** Ivan Borovsky slams on the breaks and the camera flies into Vadim's lap causing a panic. Vadim finally readjusts the camera on the dashboard. **

Ivan Borovsky: I think the light flash mean it on. We just do our promo and if it do not work then we tell Phil Barnabush shut your mouth or we kick your ass.

Vadim Borovsky: Sound good to me. I'll start. Count down.

Ivan Borovsky: Three, two, one. Action.

Vadim Borovsky: Tonight the best tag champions in SWS facing the two big idiots name Rory and Sasuke. One puny English and other puny Asian of some sort. They both loser. We are undefeat and we also both win last week in single match. We are too strong too unstoppable to be beat by two idiot.

Ivan Borovsky: Vadim Borovsky, you right brother. We are strong and Russian which make us the best in the world. Last week I retire a dumb guy by name of Kuchiki and I guess this guy Sasuke is his brother or some thing I am unaware.

Vadim Borovsky: Yeah I think he want revenge, but he gonna get a fist in his face instead. HA! HA!

Ivan Borovsky: HA! HA!

Vadim Borovsky: I would like to give warning to you Sasuke and your Rory partner that we are not easy to beat especially for two amateur wannabe and we will defend tag titles any time any place and if you want them on line-

** Ivan Borovsky slams on the breaks again and two beeps can be heard. He begins screaming maniacally. **


** The audio cuts out for about 30 seconds. When it comes back, Vadim Borovsky picks up the camera and films Ivan, who has stepped out of the car. He goes up to a blue Honda Civic and pulls out a scrawny man. Ivan punches him in the nose and he falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Vadim yells out. **

Vadim Borovsky: I think you kill him! Get in quick! Get in! We need to go. I hear the siren! GO!

** Ivan Borovsky hurriedly enters the car and closes the door. They speed off. The camera fades. **
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Road Rage
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