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 Hard out here for Pimp

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Hard out here for Pimp Empty
PostSubject: Hard out here for Pimp   Hard out here for Pimp I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 12:32 am

Cash Money Hustler holds his opponent by the head
and hits him right into the face with the knee, executing a strong Knee on Head!!
Cash Money Hustler prepares his arm
and strikes Justin Harvelle with his fist executing a strong Fist But!!
Cash Money Hustler hooks his opponent's leg threading his head under his arm
lifting Justin Harvelle over his head slamming him to the mat by performing a Incredible Seize Ca$h Plex !!
[Special Pinning Resistance activated for Cash Money Hustler]
Cash Money Hustler grabs Justin Harvelle's head placing his neck on the ropes
and leans down pushing hard with a strong Choke At Ropes!!
Cash Money Hustler gets closer to Justin Harvelle laying on the mat
and strikes him with the elbow may times by performing a Fantastic Elbow Crush!!
Josef tries hitting Cash but gets knocked off the apron
Cash Money Hustler gets on the top turnbuckle and dives forward
and leaps forward slamming his face on the mat, performing a Incredible Diving Bulldog
Cash Money Hustler tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
INCREDIBLE!!! JUSTIN HARVELLE a breaks the count by pulling the referee into the turnbuckle!!
Josef Kavas kicks Cash in the groin
Justin Harvelle easily moves behind Cash Money Hustler
and knocks him down with a Roll Up, pinning him
Referee regains consciousness starts counting...


Cash gets up and looks at Ref Cash: ARE SERIOUS, YOU BLIND JUST RETARDED?and pimp slaps him out cold.
Cash: Yo Why didnt stop match when he busted open. DO YOUR JOB MOFO!!
B Girls and Cash start stomping the ref as crowd fills arena boos throwing trash into ring.

They storm backstage as Cash rambling at mouth cursing up storm and is blocked by a gloating Rikishi.

Rikishi: Well, Well guess who won their match and guess who lost to rookie, HA HA HA

Cash: You know that match BS if ref could do his damn job that would been W. While I got you large mammaled ass up in my face. I got your bill. Cash reaches in his newly cleaned coat and hands Rikishi the bill.
Rikishi looks it over and yells $1,000 bucks, I aint paying.

Cash: It's Fur coat, it's expertly cleaned. I know your not use to clothing you didn't get at a thrift store or gently used big and tall store, but that's reality of it. Quality is Quality and your chicken grubbing fingers was cause. PAY UP SUCKA!!!

Rikishi: (BEEP ) YOU!!! Ripps up bill and throws iti n his face and walks away.

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Hard out here for Pimp Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hard out here for Pimp   Hard out here for Pimp I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 15, 2013 1:19 pm

(I'm changing the last line and going from there.)

Rikishi: You think i'm going to pay for you damn coat. If anything you should be paying me for allowing you to be in the same room as someone as amazing as me.

**Rikishi grabs tightly onto the receipt and shoves it down the backside of his thong. Rikishi then tosses it over in front of Ca$h.**

Rikishi: Take your dumb pimp ass and never speak with me again like i'm trash. The only trash here is you. So here's what's going to happen. Tonigh you and I will be having a singles match. And by the end of the night not only am i going to kick your sorry ass...

**Rikishi turns away and pulls up his thong ensuring Ca$h gets a good view.**

Rikishi: Your pimp ass is going to be kissing my ass.

**Rikishi leaves the area**
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Hard out here for Pimp
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