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PostSubject: Only Up   Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:40 pm

** Sitting comfortably in his locker room, Justin Harvelle looks like the epitome of the word 'relaxed'. He doesn't have a care in the world. No worries. No overbearing commitments. No drama. Everything is just going so smoothly, it's almost ridiculous. Then again, this kind of lifestyle is something he's grown accustomed to. He looks on and smiles a bit. There was really nowhere to go but up for him.**

JUSTIN HARVELLE: Every single time I make my presence known, I further drive home the fact that I'm every single bit of what I say I am and more. My first week here went about as easy as you could imagine it. My opponent served no real opposition and he was dispatched of, kinda like the garbage I knew he was. Nobody wanted to see things my way, but by the second week, I could see a bit of shift in people's perspective. I beat my Pay-Per-View opponent like it was nothing and became even more solid in my standing here. If I was as bad as people so proclaimed me to be, then, I wouldn't be holding a perfect record right now. 2 and 0. The last time I checked that mounted up to a mighty 100%. Every passing week is another week closer to my, and soon to be your, eventual end goal. Have everything SWS under my control. The only place for me to go is up and the only place I will go is up. You can either join my ascension or suffer from it.

**For someone with so much to say, usually, Justin seemed to have finished on a rather short note. He didn't have much else that he felt the need to share as he got off his seat and walked out of his locker room.**
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