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 Trouble from big man on way to GM office

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PostSubject: Trouble from big man on way to GM office   Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:09 pm

Ca$h Money Hu$tler and B girls are heading to Gm's office to drop off the B-girls promo pics. Rikishi who is eating a bucket of KFC chicken is blocking the hall and Ca$h and B girls literally bump into him.

Ca$h: Sorry big man, here take this card. My momma owns best soul food diner in all of Detroit, tell her i sent yo she'll hook you up phat.

Rikishi annoyed that his dinner was interupted takes card and with his greasy hand grabs Ca$h Moneys arm and spraying a mouth full food.Rikishi: I WANT MATCH.

Cash sees his greasy hands on his pristine white fur coat.Brotha man I am not GM I dont make the matches, HOWEVER get them greasy sausage fingers off my coat.

Rikishi: I WANT MATCH, you and me in ring.

Ca$h: They speak english where you come from? First off get Yo chicken grease fingers off my white fur coat, I am sending yo cleaner bill. This coat is most likely a year pay check or one week grocery bill for yo big ass. and 2 (in mocking sign language and deaf sounding voice) I ER DON"T MAKE MATCHES ER NOT GM.
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Trouble from big man on way to GM office
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