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PostSubject: Zetta   Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:03 pm

Wrestler Name: Zetta
Wrestler Nickname: The Dragon
Wrestler Type: Speed
Wrestler Height: 5'9"
Wrestler Weight: 150 lbs

Alignment: Face

Personality: Outgoing, Playful but still serious, Mysterious, Trustworthy, Avenger, Hears more than talks

Likes: Playing Cards, Martial Arts, Helping others, Honesty, Principles

Dislikes: People that repeat themselves or that make him repeat himself, Dishonesty, Arrogance, Onions

Wrestling and Martial arts Background: Master of Jiujutsu, Capoeira and Muay Thai and Chinese Kenpo

Wrestling Style: "Go with the flow" is the principle he lives by in the ring which means he always analyzes his enemy and uses his moves against him, instead of going against the moves he adapts and counters

Personal Background: Zetta grew up watching many kung fu movies and wrestling shows and developed a great interest and passion for martial arts. Still young he convinced his parents to let him practice martial arts and was introduced into Judo and Karate but didn't stay for long as they couldn't afford it anymore. Still passionate he kept watching movies, shows and trying to practice with his body and mind on his own as he was a self-taught kid. At the school, being a skinny kid he was picked on almost everyday and even not being the one to start a fight he would chase down and beat his bullies everytime so that they would stop but still they would return the next day. He would change towns and schools but things always stayed the same but at the age of 14 he wasn't skinny anymore but an athletic guy and even being stronger than any other student they would still try to bully him.

At 15 he starts practicing Capoeira, at 18 Jiujutsu and at 21 Muay Thai and Chinese Kenpo. All his masters saw the promising future he had and he always stood up to the expectations they had perfoming very well on tournaments and winning several titles. Time goes passing and he doesn't see much competition so his drive to find better opponents lead him into underground tournaments where he had success but not without getting some scars. After being the champ for a year a guy appears at the locker room and offers him a spot on a wrestling show and his drive to get better and be the best would lead him into following that road. So now he finally fights in a big stage facing fierce opponents from the entire world and hopes that he can find a rival that can take him to the next level of performance.

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