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 Interupting Rikishi is a bad idea.

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PostSubject: Interupting Rikishi is a bad idea.   Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:04 pm

*Rikishi is in his locker room doing some last minute squats as Daniel Gidlow makes his way into the locker room. Rikishi looks furious as he stops his routine in order to check who barged into his room.*

Rikishi: Did I say you could just barge into my room? What do you want?

Daniel Gidlow: Sorry Rikishi, it’s just I wanted to hear about your match with Byakuya.

*Rikishi slowly walks over toward Daniel, causing Daniel to slowly back up until his back hits the wall.*

Rikishi: You interrupted my workout to ask about my match? Do you have any idea who you are speaking to? There’s nothing to talk about. Tonight I’m going against Byakuya in a Kiss My Ass match, and by the end of the night Byakuya will be kissing my ass.

*Rikishi turns himself around and begins waving it in Daniel’s direction. Daniel looks disgusted and turns his sight away. Rikishi looks back over at Daniel and gives him a death glare.*

Rikishi: What’s with that look? How dare you insinuate that my ass is disgusting? I suggest you walk your ass out of this room within five seconds or I’m going to have you on a receiving end of a stinkface.

*Daniel panics and darts for the exit. Rikishi laughs at the scared interview and proceeds to finish his squatting.*
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Interupting Rikishi is a bad idea.
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