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 Time to Unleash Some Rage

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Rory O'Reilly

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PostSubject: Time to Unleash Some Rage   Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:45 pm

** Dr. Locke is seen unlocking the door to Rory O'Reilly's locker room. He walks in to find O'Reilly sitting in the corner in his straight jacket. The room is completely empty. One wall has a circular crack in it about shoulder high. **
Dr. Locke: "Rory, I hope you are ready. Tonight is a big night in your therapy. Double D is your opponent..."
** O'Reilly looks up at Dr. Locke and smiles. **
Dr. Locke: "Yes, he is the one that attacked you after your debut match. Now I want you to channel all of that anger you have deep inside you and unleash it all once you hear the bell ring. This is your chance to release a lot of the anger you're holding on to. Maybe, if you are able to let off some steam, maybe then you will gain your voice back and we can have some more in-depth therapy sessions. Come now."
** O'Reilly staggers to his feet and follows Dr. Locke through the door as they make their way to the ring. **
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Time to Unleash Some Rage
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