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 on a day off day, every dollar counts

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PostSubject: on a day off day, every dollar counts   Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:53 pm

In the newly decorated locker room. Full bar, Purple satin drapes, thick plush shag rugs, and Ca$h's gold throne in middle of the room Bgirls filtering around him.
Ca$h Money Hustler and B girls have day off from Shoot Wrestling Society, however just cause you have day off doesn't mean there is not money to be made.

Cash: Frenchie, stock report.

Frenchie: Stocks up, Daddy may want to sell Global foods while one top they dropped a point.

Cash: call up , time money sell high but take money and reinvest in safer stock doing well. FreakBaby, status on streets?

Freakbaby: Supply and demand though the roof, noone can touch your Sh(**) , Oh Tawanda called something about a John not paying.

Ca$H: WHAT!!! patch her in Now get Limo ready. Here at Ca$h Money Hu$tler Enterprise no paper gets left behind.

They pile into Gold flecked Gold limo to where Tawanda is having trouble collecting.

Tawanda: Good you here, this redneck wont pay for goods and services, Daddy.

Cash: Where's his cheap cracker honky at?

Tawanda: he's tall redneck in that bar there with red flannel cut off shirt.He got a skullet.

Cash kicks the door almost off the hinges and scans the bar, Rebel flags , country music, peanut shells all over the floor. Budwiser and Pabst blue ribbon on tap.

Cash finds his target and taps him rough on shoulder. The Redneck looks back smelling like body odor and brewery rolled into one.

Redneck: What hell you want Halloween aint till end of the month, BOY.

Cash: BOY!!! you on thin ice already (points to Tawanda) I sorry to interrupt you drinking MY MONEY in this racist white trash bar. Here at Ca$h Money Hu$tler Enterprise money up front, no credit. You got jungle fever we had cure, you dont pay you WILL PAY with interest. You don't go Walmart and get mud flapps for free, you pay then put on your crap box truck.

Redneck: BOY dont talk about my truck, or Walmart for that matter and that colored girl, never seen her before.
The Redneck gets nose to nose with Cash and clenched his fist.

Cash grins a gold grill grin Gonna send you back in time.
Drops the redneck with Diamond Trimmed Fo $hizzle Ddt and lifts him into a Ghetto Fabulous chicken $killz shaking the contents of his pockets to floor. Tawanda grabs more than her payment.
Cash leaves his limp unconscious body as final insult rips the rebel flag off wall and covers his face with it like dead body.
Cash: South lost again, get over it oh and colored people free do as they Damn please to pursue happiness.

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on a day off day, every dollar counts
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