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 Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers

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Ivan Borovsky
NXT Star
NXT Star

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PostSubject: Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers   Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:04 pm

** The Borovsky Brothers are shown in an old-timey pub decorated with nostalgic items from the Wild West. They're in wrestling gear and sweaty after their hard-earned victory over Desiree Desire and Mad dog12342. They're hunched over at the bar and lift their glasses to their mouths. Simultaneously they spit it out all over the bartender. **

Ivan Borovsky: What in hell is this?! Nasty! Get out my mouth!

Vadim Borovsky: Puny American drink taste puny.

Ivan Borovsky: You dumb English! Give something Russian!

Bartender: We don't carry anything else Russian. That's our best vodka, sirs.

** Ivan Borovsky stands up furiously and grabs the scrawny bartender by the neck. He pulls him close and whispers. **

Ivan Borovsky: Your country, your alcohol suck. You puny. Step out from counter and fight with the real authentic Borovsky twin brother of Russia.

Bartender: I can't fight on the job... Plus it's 2 on 1.

** Ivan surveys the bar and looks for a suitable partner for the outnumbered bartender. He points. **

Ivan Borovsky: Him.

Bartender: Angus? Angus isn't a fighter. He's a wrestler. He works for SWS... like you.

Ivan Borovsky: Fight like man. Hey you.

** Angus doesn't respond to the vague statement. **

Ivan Borovsky: ANGUS! Your mom look like toast.
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GM Phil Brooks
Hall Of Famer
Hall Of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers   Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:45 am

Angus: Shud da hell up  racist Russian .
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Vadim Borovsky

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PostSubject: Re: Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers   Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:44 pm

** Angus turns around all pissed and throws this half full half empty glass if bourbon whiskey at Ivan.  As the glass is in the air, the fluid spills out and drenches a bystander. Vadim takes a tray from the counter the bartender uses, and puts it in front of Ivan's face. The glass shatters on the tray leaving Ivan unscratched. **

Bystander: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? My suit is all drenched! What's the matter with both of you. Goddamn Russians had to start a fight.

** The bystander stands up and walks over to Angus. Ivan hands over the bartender to Vadim, and follows. The bystander gets ready to throw a punch at Angus, when Ivan grabs his skull and throws him to a nearby pole. **

Ivan Borovsky: Shut up. You think you get away with trying to hurt Ivan? Think again!

** Vadim whips the bartender by the collar towards Angus. **

Vadim Borovsky: You puny english try to mess with big Russian. You don't get away with it. Fight like man. We show you what real men is like. Right here, right now, we have tornado tag team match, anything goes.

Angus: Haha! You Russian think you are so amazing and great, but you aren't.

Vadim Borovsky: We are best. We take over SWS in matter of months. Undefeated tag champions. You stand no chance.

Angus: I'll show you why you'll never beat me in SWS. Bunch of puny Russi-

** Vadim rushes over, jumping over 2-4 tables. He jumps off the last table and full roundhouse kicks Angus in the side of the head. Angus goes flying to the right. The bartender takes off his bow-tie and sighs. **

Bartender: I'll just tell them that I was breaking up a fight. You guys picked the wrong bartender to mess with. Be prepared to face severe punishment for causing a ruckus!

Vadim Borovsky: You ruin Ivan bro and my celebration. You give us puny english fake vodka. We tired of puny english crap. No more tolerance. You try to dupe us, we get back at you. You got no muscle, now get wreck.

** Ivan flips a table, and grabs the legs. Holding it like a giant shield, Ivan charges at Angus and the bartender. The table breaks and the two are on the floor moaning. Angus jumps up to his feet and throws a quick jab at Ivan; however, Vadim, who was quicker, grabs the fist and puts Angus in a wrist lock. Ivan stands over the bartender and executes a mortal knee stomp, causing the bartender to faint. Angus screams in pain. **

Angus: You think this will hurt me! It is nothing! You puny Russi-

** Vadim pulls Angus up from the ground still grabbing the arm, and gives him 4 powerful uppercuts to the stomach. He passed Angus to Ivan. Ivan low blows Angus, then knees him in the head. The two take turns stomping on him. **

Ivan Borovsky: This getting boring. Puny english no fight back.

Vadim Borovsky: They all talk but no bite. Let's finish this and go home.

** Vadim throws Angus onto the bartender, and Angus goes unconscious. The two Borovsky brothers each takes a bottle of Vodka and pours it onto the two. They throw the bottle down and leave in laughter. **
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PostSubject: Re: Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers   

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Bar fight featuring Borovsky Brothers
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