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 Showing Byakuya's Future

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PostSubject: Showing Byakuya's Future   Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:00 pm

**Rikishi walks outside the ring, over to the announcer table grabs a microphone, then slides back into the ring. Rikishi walks over to Rumpster and rubs his boot across Rumpster's face.**

Rikishi: Hey Byakuya, I know you're back there and I know you can hear me. You're probably thinking your such a good wrestler after our match last week. Well tough, I just wasn't up to par so I didn't give all my effort into our match. In a match were i'm at my A game, you wouldn't stand a chance.

**Rikishi begins to take his anger out on Rumpster by continously smash his boot into Rumpster's chest and on his face. The crowd roars with enthusiasm.**

Rikishi: That's why next week at PPV you're going to have the luxury of facing me in a one on one match once more. And just to up the excitement. You and I will be facing off in a Stinkface match. I'm sure you can figure out what that means right? Or are you too much of an idiot to comprehend? It means the match ends, not by pinfall, but by a stinkface. So in much simpler terms, you lose when I deliver a stinkface to you. Like this.

Rikishi grabs Rumpster and lifts him up onto his feet. Rikishi irish whips Rumpster into the corner turnbuckle. Rikishi then proceeds to slap his giant ass. Rikishi charges forward, leaps into the air and smacks Rumpster in the chest with his giant ass causing him to fall into a seated position.
Rikishi then walks over towards Rumpster and turns himself around. His massive ass hovers a few inches from Rumpster's face. He then begins to humiliate Rumpster by rubbing his ass in Rumpster's face executing Fantastic Stinkface

Rikishi: That's going to be you at PPV.

**Rikishi continues to sit on Rumpster's face, while the crowd chants Rikishi's name.**
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Showing Byakuya's Future
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