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 Crocodiles "peace and quiet" way.

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Crocodiles "peace and quiet" way. Empty
PostSubject: Crocodiles "peace and quiet" way.   Crocodiles "peace and quiet" way. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 2:13 am

*Crocodile is around backstage, minding his own business, there is a cleaner with a vacuum cleaner*

Crocodile: ... *groans*

*The cleaner hearing the groan, she stops the vacuum and heads to Crocodile*

Cleaner: I am sorry, sir. I am cleaning the locker room, I know there is a lot of noise coming from the vacuum cleaner but it does need to be done.

Crocodile: Pfft.

*She heads back and turns back on her vacuum cleaner, and it starts to generate a lot more noise then before, Crocodile is starting to get angry, then in another moment, she turns if off and heads out the locker room*

Crocodile: Time to destroy this annoying object... but to do it in such a discreet way...

*Crocodile grabs something from his locker, heads to the vacuum cleaner, and he sabotages it so it doesn't work anymore, then he quickly heads back to his normal position, the cleaner comes back into the room, trying to turn on the vacuum cleaner, but it's not working.*

Cleaner: What the... why isn't this working? wait... is there a wire out? *checks the vacuum carefully, and she knows it's been sabotaged, she looks straight at Crocodile* Did you do this?!?!

Crocodile: I apologize ma'am, but I do not know what you are talking about.

Cleaner: Oh that's it! Your in so much trouble after I tell the GM about this-

*Crocodile turns into sand, and dissapears then he goes behind the cleaner and does a weak attack, actually knocking her out without doing too much damage*

Crocodile: Finally... some peace and quiet...
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Crocodiles "peace and quiet" way.
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