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PostSubject: Crocodile   Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:00 am

Wrestler Name: Crocodile

Wrestler Level: 1

Age (character): 35(RP'ing age)

Build: Strength

Fans: 1

Height: 253cm (8'3")

Weight: Muscular

Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener

Hometown: Italy, Rome

Nickname: the Sand Man

Backstory: Crocodile was always a cocky guy, he has some talent, but certainly not the best, he always thinks of himself, he grew up in italy, he was a rich kid, but after his parents died when he was at such a young age, he doesn't want to talk about his past, and now he has a temper because of it, he won't even share his name, his friends just call him "Crocodile" because of his strength and he does a lot of crazy things, he wrestled a crocodile, and lost his hand and got a gold hook because of it but he succeeded wrestling the crocodile, so that's one of the reasons why he is called crocodile, he does value loyalty, and won't give away any information possible, the only way that happens if he thinks of you as a good, true friend.

Picture(If there is going to be any wrestler cards):
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