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 Harvelle and Kavas Make A Deal

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Josef Kavas

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PostSubject: Harvelle and Kavas Make A Deal   Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:25 am

**Zoom in on Justin Harvelle and Josef Kavas talking**

Harvelle: So we're agreed?

Josef Kavas: Most certainly. I will help you out. Now there's a matter of my fee.

Harvelle: Of course, of course. How does 20% of my bloody wages sound to you?

Josef Kavas: I guess that's acceptable. If you need me in the ring, just shout the name of an animal. Now leave. I have work to do.

**Harvelle walks away, clearly pleased with himself.**

** Josef makes sure nobody is watching, then superkicks the nearest car window, and walks off in the other direction.**
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Harvelle and Kavas Make A Deal
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