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 Fegelein Demands a Title Match

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PostSubject: Fegelein Demands a Title Match   Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:29 pm

**Fegelein enters the General Manager's office, with the door wide open. Barnabush is typing on his laptop at his desk. Fegelein walks in and shoves both of his open palms into Barnabush's desk, leans forward and stares at him right in the eye.**

Fegelein: Barnabush. Give me a title shot.

GM Phil Barnabush: And what have you done to deserve this?

Fegelein: You're joking, yeah?

GM Phil Barnabush: I'm not the damn Joker.

Fegelein: I'm undefeated 3 weeks in a row, and there are idiots who are nowhere near my skill level getting title shots left and right. I demand mine.

**Barnabush stares at Fegelein with his hand to his chin, appearing to be in a state of thinking.**

Fegelein: Give me a chance to capture some gold. I'll make any of those idiots back there tap.

**A slight pause occurs before Barnabush starts talking again.**

GM Phil Barnabush: I'll tell you what Fegelein. I'll schedule you in this match.

GM Phil Barnabush: Tonight, I'm trying out a new guy. Goes by the name of Edd Rightcious.

Fegelein: Don't tell me I'm fighting against another scrub.

GM Phil Barnabush: Just go with it. Your match is later tonight. Be ready to go.

**Barnabush continues to type on his laptop. Fegelein eases up away from the desk and out the door, shutting it calmly on his way out.**
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Fegelein Demands a Title Match
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