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 Borovsky Brothers > Puny English

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Ivan Borovsky
NXT Star
NXT Star

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PostSubject: Borovsky Brothers > Puny English   Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:42 pm

** The two Borovsky twins strut out to the ring with their noses pointed up and ignoring the overwhelming boos flooding the arena from the vocal crowd. The SWS Tag Team Champions remain around their waist as they elegantly enter the ring wiping any dirt from their boots on the outside edge of the apron. The brothers remove their black-tinted sunglasses from their chiseled face and survey the crowd. Ivan Borovsky raises the microphone to his mouth. **

Ivan Borovsky: I look to crowd and see nothing but loser with no champion. You loser fail at Olympic when Mother Russia crush Puny English. You loser fail at space race when Mother Russia crush Puny English. Now you loser fail to beat the two superior Russian brother twins in tag match. We stand before you tag champion now and forever!

** He unfastens the championship and raises it above his head prompting a very negative reaction from the capacity crowd. **

Ivan Borovsky: Your puny boo have no effect on me. You boo but all I hear is trumpet and mother Russia national anthem. I proud to come from a country which does not government shut down because Puny English can't compromise. Ivan Borovsky... Vadim Borovsky... Vladmir Borovsky... Us three Russian triplet run Russia and soon run Puny States of America. Tonight we prove again why we undefeated in Shot Wrestler Society. Vadim Borovsky single debut with Edd Rightcious. Who Edd Rightcious? Vadim, tell them your plan.

** He hands the microphone to his brother, who graciously accepts it. He pats his tag team championship and smiles. **
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Vadim Borovsky

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PostSubject: Re: Borovsky Brothers > Puny English   Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:40 am

Vadim Borovsky: Edd Rightcious puny. Vadim and Ivan is best. I go in ring and tap Edd's chest, he goes tap out. I have no plan but one. I will show who is boss. Russia the great, Borovsky the great. Edd think he is all that, I think he is all crap. Too puny to compare. I will end match short, then go party with Ivan.

** The crowd boos and you hear chants going 'Edd! Edd! Edd!' **

Vadim Borovsky: You loser chant all you want. Vadim Borovsky beat Edd is truth. Hide behind you puny American county. I and Ivan will go tear it down. Edd too scared to come out in hiding. I never see Edd in Shot Wrestler Society, I only see Ivan.

** He gives a handshake to Ivan Borovsky and laughs, then looks to the crowd. He raises his fist into the ceiling. **


** The brothers puts on their black-tinted sunglasses. The two stands side by side with adjacent arms around each other's opposite shoulder, opposite arms holding the Tag Champion belt in the air, as they walk back. **
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Borovsky Brothers > Puny English
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